Exercise Physiologist | Functional Nutritionist | Food Sensitivity Specialist

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We now know that food sensitivities can be at the core of just about any form of inflammation. Because the symptoms of inflammation can occur up to several days after consumption of, or exposure to a food or chemical, it is increasingly difficult to pinpoint exactly which foods are “setting us off” at any particular point in time. With reliable testing, we can understand exactly which foods and chemicals an individual is reacting to. We can also understand the severity of the reaction, which alters protocol. A strategy of elimination and a timeline for reintroduction can then be created. Meal plans with specific non-reactive foods are designed, using delectable recipes to meet the likes and dislikes or cultural differences of each individual. Over time, food sensitivities can be overcome, and we can begin to heal from inflammation. Bini coaches through the whole process until all foods are safely reintroduced.

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