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If you’ve survived a hurricane you know what its like to come out of your safety zone and assess the damage. In Miami, we look at the trees. Inevitably, the ones still standing are the ones that have been well-nourished. They have gotten plenty of water and sunshine, they have space to move and grow, and they’re firmly rooted in rich soil.

They have a good strong foundation, deep roots, not too top heavy, and they are flexible.

We cannot prevent a hurricane from coming our way, but we can be ready for it.

The same goes for us.

Stress comes in many forms:

  • Environmental stress (air and water pollution),
  • Emotional, Psychological stress (from managing relationships or loss of a loved one),
  • Physical stress (from illness, poor diet, lack of activity.)

Every form of stress can have an impact on our well-being. But we can be prepared for it— girded, fortified, and flexible (in our attitudes and our practices). And being prepared can help us not only to survive, but to thrive!

Learn the 4 components of a health and wellness program. 4 ways to be PREPARED.


We know that our food has the ability to harm us or to heal us. So the question becomes… What is the best diet out there? Truth is, there is NO 1


Some have sensitivities to gluten or eggs, allergies to dairy or soy, some have greater protein requirements and others need to be concerned with weight loss, weight gain, or bone density. And we all live in different climates with different locally grown seasonal produce. We also have cultural differences and enjoy different foods. But there are many generalizations we can absolutely make, and I will teach them to you.


We know that we need 150 minutes weekly of exercise. So the next question is, what is the BEST mode of exercise? Certainly the one that you enjoy the most and that you perform safely and have easy access to. Because lets face it, we have to exercise forever. It’s not like we can reach goal weight and be done. Learn how to incorporate strength, cardiovascular and flexibility training into your day.


Our bodies are made up of 50-70% water. We need to stay well- hydrated for the proper functioning of every cell in our bodies. How much do we need to drink? There is a calculation for that. What kind of water should we drink? I will teach you your options.


Me time. I can’t stress enough the importance of adequate rest. In addition, time to be in the moment: a walk on the beach, book in a hammock, yoga, meditation, prayer, volunteer, put your top down and crank up the music. Be the best you, you can be. And in that way, you can be a better spouse, a better parent, friend, employee and employer. We also need to be mindful of our environment and Mother Earth. We need to eat cleanly, cook and store in sustainable materials, use natural body care products. This will help to avoid chemical disruptors and promote vitality.


Bini makes precise calculations to design a Health and Wellness Rx based on your genetic make up, your body composition, your medical history, your environment and your lifestyle. Evaluate your health and wellness assets and call today!

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